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A FAQ Page on Your Website Can be a Secret SEO Weapon of Immense Success!


One of the best secret weapons for SEO or search engine optimization is a frequently asked questions page or FAQ page now FAQ pages are super common it’s that’s not necessarily what the secret is a lot of people lot of websites have FAQs on them but those FAQ pages are usually set up on the first day of the website being built or somewhere in that range loaded with a bunch of questions and then never touched again and this is that’s okay and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but what can be a secret weapon for your SEO is if you can go in there and you can add a new question and a new answer on a regular frequent basis now if you want to get ahead of your competition you want to absolutely crush your SEO and and you’re willing to put in the work if you can go in every single week and add a new question that customers are asking you and fill out the answer to it write the answer make sure you’re actually the one writing the answer don’t go to chat GPT now you could go to like let’s say you run a landscaping business and you want to go to chat GPT and say write me what are the top 10 questions that people are asking about Landscaping questions or what are the top 100 questions that people are asking about it that’s okay to get a list of the questions and then you yourself you need to write that out the answer to it do not use chat GPD for this it ruins the whole thing that will not help help your SEO and a matter of fact it can actually hurt your SEO but once you get your questions down go through and you know pick let’s say you got a list of 100 questions every single week you’re going to pull one out that you can think of how to answer it and you’re going to write a paragraph or two about how you answer that how you specifically answer that particular problem or that particular question that customers have and you’re going to add it to your page you’re going to do that consistently now this does a lot of great things for your SEO one of the main things is it has updating to your content regularly Google loves to see websites that are updated regularly number two is that Google always wants to try and answer questions so like customers are searching on Google they’re usually searching in a type of a question like how how often should I aate my lawn you know what type of fertilizer should I use on my lawn what type of grass is best to place in these particular seasons you know how how long should I let my grass grow before I cut it how often should I water my grass what what should I do for heavily shaded areas of my lawn you know on and on etc etc etc etc answering all these questions uh that customers would have and they would go to Google and they search that stuff and then boom your business pulls up now not only is it about getting the index to that particular FAQ page to happen but it will help pull up your main website in the main keyword search and what I mean by main keyword search is that’s what happens when let’s say you are a landscaper in Billings Montana someone puts in landscaping Billings Montana or landscaper Billings Montana that’s your main key keyword search and your FAQ page being able to index and that’s coming up you know consistently with the questions that’s going to influence your main keyword search which is the main one that we want because ultimately you know like if someone has a question about their lawn and they end up seeing your business business that’s a good thing but it’s not necessarily going to convert into them getting you business now when someone searches landscaping or landscap or Landscaping Billings they’re looking for a landscaper like you know 98% of the time they’re looking for a landscaper and we do want to pull up number one in that search so they influence each other so it’s very important if you don’t have a faq’s page on your website let’s build a FAQ page and if you want to get aggressive about your SEO you answer a question every single week or every single month or however often you can get to it try to get to it and just watch how beautiful your SEO just blows up and all of a sudden the phones ringing the the inbox is coming in people are asking for quotes and you’re just getting so much new business from this little action that you took from watching this video and I wish you the best of luck with your SEO if you need help with your SEO that’s something that we specialize in here at Sky Point Studios we’ve got an incredible FAQ page on our website an SEO one and a web design one and we are number one in our market so we definitely know what we’re doing when we talk about SEO against all the other web developers that are out there so definitely let us know if you’d need some help and I’d like to help you out this is Joe with Sky Point Studios thank you so much for watching my videos and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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